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Three hot gay friends have been waiting all week for the weekend to come so they can go all out on each other in the dick dorm. The camera is rolling and their dicks are hard, they are ready for their first time gay sex video. They don’t mind sharing their steaming hot bedroom fun with the rest of the world, in fact, the thought of there being guys out there watching them have a go at each other only gets them hornier.

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Gay sex and straight college guys

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Last night in the dick dorm, these straight college guys had so much fun, even though they got tricked in gay acts. Here is how it all happened… One of them took off his clothes after a lot of fun, and started stroking his manhood in front of everyone, and suddenly some guys asked one of their friends to get down on his knees and suck this fellas’ penis. All straight college guys from the dick dorm were laughing the way he got tricked in gay acts and, especially when he got his face covered with jizz.

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Straight guys tricked in "Who sucks my cock?" game

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“Who sucks my cock?” is the name of the game straight college guys from the dick dorm love to play, but with girls. They got tricked in gay acts, because they were blindfolded and there was no way they can see which girl is sucking their cocks… But, the problem was girls were not even in the dick dorm room. These straight college guys got tricked in gay acts and they loved it so much. In the end, they all came hard, and when they realized that actually guys sucked their cocks, they felt terrible…

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Dick dorm couple fucking

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I sure hope you are in the mood for some hardcore gay fucking, because these guys are in the mood to go all out on each other. Nothing is too perverted for these guys, they are up for anything, and the best part is they don’t mind having their wild gay sex in front of the cameras. This dick dorm couple is brand new, the white boy is having his first time gay sex experience in front of the cam, but his experienced lover is making sure he’s having some good times in the dick dorm.

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Straight college guys group masturbation

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This tattooed chick is masturbating and flogging her pink jelly bean in the dick dorm, in front of a lot of straight college guys. They were all naked and ready to cum hard and spray her cute face, but some of them got tricked in gay acts, so they ended up sucking some other guy’s penis and taking it deep inside of their tight little rectums. These straight college guys didn’t want to get tricked in gay acts, it just happened, but the truth is that these big boys from the dick dorm actually wanted to see how it feels like to suck a cock.

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